Project Details

Project: Roses (Family Rosaceae) of Florida

Project Leader: Jared Smith, with contributions from Stacey Roper

Project Description:
Our Florida specimens from the plant family Rosaceae. The family includes mayhaw, roses, raspberries, and blackberries.

Project Species (Family, Genus, Species):
FamilySpeciesCommon Name
RosaceaeAgrimonia incisa HARVEST-LICE, INCISED AGRIMONY 
RosaceaeAgrimonia microcarpa SMALLFRUIT AGRIMONY 
RosaceaeAgrimonia rostellata BEAKED AGRIMONY 
RosaceaeAmelanchier arborea COMMON SERVICEBERRY 
RosaceaeAphanes microcarpa SLENDER PARSLEY PIERT 
RosaceaeCrataegus aestivalis MAY HAW, MAY HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus crus-galli COCKSPUR HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus flava YELLOW HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus marshallii PARSLEY HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus michauxii MICHAUX'S HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus phaenopyrum WASHINGTON HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus pulcherrima BEAUTIFUL HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus spathulata LITTLEHIP HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus uniflora DWARF HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeCrataegus viridis GREEN HAWTHORN 
RosaceaeDuchesnea indica INDIAN STRAWBERRY 
RosaceaeEriobotrya japonica LOQUAT 
RosaceaeFragaria virginiana VIRGINIA STRAWBERRY 
RosaceaeFragaria virginiana VIRGINIA STRAWBERRY 
RosaceaeMalus angustifolia SOUTHERN CRABAPPLE 
RosaceaePhotinia pyrifolia RED CHOKEBERRY 
RosaceaePhysocarpus opulifolius COMMON NINEBARK 
RosaceaePotentilla recta SULPHUR CINQUEFOIL 
RosaceaePotentilla reptans CREEPING CINQUEFOIL 
RosaceaePrunus americana AMERICAN PLUM 
RosaceaePrunus angustifolia CHICKASAW PLUM 
RosaceaePrunus caroliniana CAROLINA LAURELCHERRY 
RosaceaePrunus geniculata SCRUB PLUM 
RosaceaePrunus myrtifolia WEST INDIAN CHERRY 
RosaceaePrunus persica PEACH 
RosaceaePrunus serotina BLACK CHERRY 
RosaceaePrunus serotina var. alabamensisALABAMA CHERRY 
RosaceaePrunus umbellata SOUTHERN SANDBUR 
RosaceaePyracantha fortuneana CHINESE FIRETHORN 
RosaceaePyracantha koidzumii FORMOSA FIRETHORN 
RosaceaePyrus calleryana CALLERY PEAR 
RosaceaePyrus communis COMMON PEAR 
RosaceaeRosa bracteata MACARTNEY ROSE 
RosaceaeRosa carolina CAROLINA ROSE 
RosaceaeRosa laevigata CHEROKEE ROSE 
RosaceaeRosa multiflora MULTIFLORA ROSE 
RosaceaeRosa palustris SWAMP ROSE 
RosaceaeRosa setigera CLIMBING ROSE 
RosaceaeRosa wichuraiana MEMORIAL ROSE 
RosaceaeRubus argutus SAWTOOTH BLACKBERRY 
RosaceaeRubus cuneifolius SAND BLACKBERRY 
RosaceaeRubus flagellaris NORTHERN DEWBERRY 
RosaceaeRubus niveus SNOWPEAKS RASPBERRY 
RosaceaeRubus trivialis SOUTHERN DEWBERRY