We will send loans to other herbaria that are registered with Index Herbariorum and have articulated their plans for handling the specimens (particularly, pest control measures and storage) during the time of the loan. Requests to destructively sample specimens (e.g., for morphological or genetic study) are considered on a case-by-case basis by the director. Loans of type specimens are limited to a duration of 6 months; loans of non-type specimens are limited to a duration of 1 year. Requests for loans can be sent to the director.

Loans received from other institutions will be frozen for one week upon receipt and stored in an herbarium cabinet thereafter, until they are returned to the lending institution.


We are most interested in exchanges with herbaria in the southeastern U.S., Caribbean, and Central America. We offer specimens from the diverse flora of northern Florida and neighboring regions. If you are interested in developing a new exchange program, please contact the director.