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Index Herbariorum


University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS), Gainesville

Fairchild Tropical Garden Herbarium (FTG), Miami

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Herbarium (SEL), Sarasota

University of South Florida Herbarium (USF), Tampa

United States

United States National Herbarium (US), Washington, D.C.

Missouri Botanical Garden (MO), St. Louis

New York Botanical Garden Herbarium (NY), New York

Harvard University Herbaria (A, AMES, ECON, FH, GH, & NEBC), Cambridge

Wisconsin State Herbarium (WIS), Madison

University of Michigan Herbarium (MICH), Ann Arbor

Botanical Research Institute of Texas Herbarium (BRIT), Fort Worth

University and Jepson Herbaria (JEPS & UC), Berkeley

Botany Department of the California Academy of Sciences (CAS), San Francisco

Oregon State University Herbarium (OSU), Corvallis

Washington State University Herbarium (WS), Pullman

University of Washington Herbarium (WTU), Seattle

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Freckmann Herbarium


University of Zurich & ETH Herbaria (Z & ZT), Zurich, Switzerland

National Herbarium of the Netherlands (L), Leiden, The Netherlands

Royal Botanic Garden Herbarium (K), Kew, U.K.

Royal Botanic Garden Herbarium (E), Edinburgh, U.K.


Australian National Herbarium (CANB), Canberra, Australia

National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL), Melbourne, Australia

National Herbarium of New South Wales (NSW), Sydney, Australia

Western Australian Herbarium (PERTH), Perth, Australia