Project Details

Project: Pine Flatwoods of Florida

Project Leader: Gina Rockholt

Project Description:
Our Florida specimens from representative genera of Pine Flatwoods.

Project Species (Family, Genus, Species):
FamilySpeciesCommon Name
AquifoliaceaeIlex glabra GALLBERRY, INKBERRY 
EricaceaeGaylussacia dumosa DWARF HUCKLEBERRY 
FabaceaeBaptisia simplicifolia SCAREWEED 
GentianaceaeGentiana pennelliana WIREGRASS GENTIAN 
LamiaceaeHedeoma graveolens MOCK PENNYROYAL 
OleaceaeFraxinus americana WHITE ASH 
OleaceaeFraxinus caroliniana CAROLINA ASH, POP ASH, WATER ASH 
OleaceaeFraxinus pennsylvanica GREEN ASH, PUMPKIN ASH