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000079969Cecropia R LazorHonduras  
000079927Cecropia polyphlebia Kurt BlumCosta Rica  
000079928Cecropia polyphlebia Kurt BlumCosta Rica  
000079946Robinia viscosa Eugene WoffordUnited StatesNorth CarolinaMacon
000079947Robinia viscosa H. A. WahlUnited StatesPennsylvaniaLycoming
000079948Robinia viscosa A. RadfordUnited StatesSouth CarolinaMcCormick
000079949Robinia viscosa James HardinUnited StatesNorth CarolinaJackson
000130002Robinia viscosa John NelsonUnited StatesSouth CarolinaFairfield
000079964Cecropia longipes E. TysonPanama  
000079970Cecropia longipes R. LazorPanama  
000079971Cecropia longipes K BlumPanama  
000079973Cecropia longipes K BlumPanama  
000079972Cecropia longipes K BlumPanama  
000079974Cecropia maxonii Kurt BlumPanama  
000079975Cecropia maxonii Kurt BlumPanama  
000079976Cecropia maxonii Kurt BlumPanama  
000079977Cecropia maxonii Kurt BlumPanama  
000079978Cecropia maxonii Kurt BlumPanama  
000079979Cecropia maxonii K BlumPanama  
000079980Cecropia maxonii K BlumPanama