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000050241Xyris jupicai Gary KnightUnited StatesFloridaJackson
000050240Xyris jupicai Gary KnightUnited StatesFloridaJackson
000050239Xyris jupicai R. KralUnited StatesFloridaIndian River
000050238Xyris jupicai R. KralUnited StatesFloridaOrange
000050237Xyris jupicai R. KralUnited StatesFloridaSarasota
000050236Xyris jupicai R.K. GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaGilchrist
000050235Xyris jupicai R.K. GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaTaylor
000050234Xyris jupicai Chas. DeamUnited StatesFloridaCollier
000050233Xyris jupicai R. KralUnited StatesFloridaBrevard
000050232Xyris jupicai Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaOkaloosa
000072428Xyris jupicai R. LazorBelize  
000072429Xyris jupicai Manuel Rimachi Y.Peru  
000072395Xyris jupicai R. KralMexico  
000072396Xyris jupicai C. NelsonHonduras  
000072397Xyris jupicai Sidney McDanielBelize  
000072649Xyris jupicai Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000072653Xyris jupicai Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000081429Xyris jupicai Thomas MillerUnited StatesFloridaSanta Rosa
000081658Xyris jupicai Lisa KeppnerUnited StatesFloridaWashington
000081662Xyris jupicai Lisa KeppnerUnited StatesFloridaWashington