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000076329Vernonia scorpioides Jon KeeleyTrinidad and Tobago  
000076330Vernonia scorpioides C. NelsonHonduras  
000076331Vernonia scorpioides C. NelsonHonduras  
000076332Vernonia scorpioides James ColemanBrazil  
000076333Vernonia scorpioides Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000076334Vernonia scorpioides Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000076335Vernonia sericea Jon KeeleyPuerto Rico  
000076336Vernonia sericea Jon KeeleyPuerto Rico  
000076337Vernonia sericea Jon KeeleyDominican Republic  
000076338Vernonia sprengeliana Jon KeeleyDominican Republic  
000076339Vernonia stellaris R. BlaisdellCosta Rica  
000076340Vernonia stellaris Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000076341Vernonia thyrsoidea Joćo MattosBrazil  
000076342Vernonia tortuosa C. NelsonHonduras  
000076343Vernonia tweedieana Samuel JonesParaguay  
000049725Vernonia xconcinna R.K. GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000059661Veronica arvensis Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaTaylor
TTRS_000009262Veronica arvensis Robert GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaGadsden
TTRS_000009263Veronica arvensis Robert GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaJackson
TTRS_000009264Veronica arvensis Robert GodfreyUnited StatesGeorgiaDecatur