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000076787Ipomoea trifida Ronald PursellVenezuela  
000076788Ipomoea trifida R. BlaisdellCosta Rica  
000076789Ipomoea trifida Edwin TysonPanama  
000076790Ipomoea trifida D. BurchPanama  
000077010Ipomoea trifida Edwin TysonPanama  
000076791Ipomoea tuxtlensis S. MoriPanama  
000076792Ipomoea tuxtlensis K BlumPanama  
000076793Ipomoea tuxtlensis Edwin TysonPanama  
000076795Jacquemontia Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000076875Jacquemontia Edwin TysonPanama  
000076421Ipomoea batatoides John DwyerPanama  
000076701Ipomoea indica W. LewisPanama  
000076702Ipomoea indica Edwin TysonPanama  
000076710Ipomoea indica William StimsonBahamas  
000124279Ipomoea indica Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaJackson
000125500Ipomoea indica Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaLiberty
000128410Ipomoea indica Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaJefferson
000129181Ipomoea indica Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaCalhoun
000133361Ipomoea indica Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaHolmes
000133602Ipomoea indica Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaWakulla