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000031054Vigna luteola Robert LemaireUnited StatesFloridaBrevard
000031055Vigna luteola R. KralUnited StatesFloridaLee
000063496Vigna luteola Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaFranklin
TTRS_000006528Vigna luteola Ann JohnsonUnited StatesFloridaPinellas
TTRS_000006529Vigna luteola Robert GodfreyUnited StatesAlabamaBaldwin
000072224Vigna luteola R. LazorPanama  
000072225Vigna luteola Edwin TysonPanama  
000072226Vigna luteola Edwin TysonPanama  
000072227Vigna luteola K BlumPanama  
000072229Vigna luteola Alberto TaylorPanama  
000082279Vigna luteola Alfred TraverseUnited StatesFloridaDade
000067883Vigna peduncularis A. ClewellHonduras  
000067884Vigna peduncularis C. NelsonHonduras  
000072228Vigna racemosa R. LazorPanama  
000067886Vigna spectabilis A. ClewellHonduras  
000031056Vigna unguiculata Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000031057Vigna unguiculata Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000031058Vigna unguiculata Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000031059Vigna unguiculata A. ClewellUnited StatesFloridaJefferson
000081112Vigna unguiculata D. BreedloveMexico