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000075253Bidens reptans T. StuessyMexico  
000075254Bidens reptans R. LiesnerPanama  
000075255Bidens riparia John StuttsBrazil  
000075256Bidens segetum William AndersonBrazil  
000075257Bidens segetum James ColemanBrazil  
000075258Bidens squarrosa Alush TonMexico  
000075259Bidens squarrosa Kurt BlumPanama  
000075260Bidens squarrosa D. BreedloveMexico  
000075261Bidens squarrosa Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000075262Bidens triplinervia Wolfgang BoegeMexico  
000075263Bidens triplinervia Wolfgang BoegeMexico  
000075264Bidens triplinervia John BeamanMexico  
000075265Bidens triplinervia D. BreedloveMexico  
000075266Bidens triplinervia D. BreedloveMexico  
000075267Bidens triplinervia Alush TonMexico  
000075268Bidens triplinervia Alush TonMexico  
000075271Brickellia argyrolepis Andre ClewellHonduras  
000075272Brickellia californica James HenricksonMexico  
000129420Brickellia californica M. MadsenUnited StatesUtahWashington
000075273Brickellia frutescens Robert ThorneMexico