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000072400Smilax jalapensis Robert LaughlinMexico  
000072401Smilax jalapensis D. BreedloveMexico  
000072402Smilax jalapensis D. BreedloveMexico  
000072350Heterotheca villosa S GoodrichUnited StatesUtahDuchesne
000072351Heterotheca villosa S GoodrichUnited StatesUtahDuchesne
000072372Silene latifolia Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000129281Silene latifolia Loran AndersonUnited StatesUtahUtah
000072403Smilax lundellii W. HolmesBelize  
000072404Smilax mollis Al GentryPanama  
000072405Smilax mollis K. BlumPanama  
000072406Smilax mollis K. BlumPanama  
000072407Smilax munda C. NelsonHonduras  
000072408Smilax subpubescens Edwin TysonPanama  
000072409Smilax subpubescens Edwin TysonPanama  
000072410Smilax subpubescens A. ClewellHonduras  
000072411Smilax subpubescens Alush TonMexico  
000072412Smilax subpubescens D. BreedloveMexico  
000072413Smilax subpubescens D. BreedloveMexico  
000072382Cyperus grayi R.J. LeblondUnited StatesFloridaLiberty
000072414Smilax papyracea Sidney McDanielBrazil