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000069591Lycopodium cernuum R. BlaisdellCosta Rica  
000069592Lycopodium cernuum Sidney McDanielPanama  
000069593Lycopodium cernuum Mireya Correa A.Panama  
000069601Lycopodium contiguum Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069602Lycopodium contiguum R. BlaisdellCosta Rica  
000069604Lygodium  Mexico  
000070241Lygodium R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069606Lycopodium linifolium Clair BrownCosta Rica  
000069609Lycopodium linifolium John AtwoodNicaragua  
000069610Lygodium radiatum M. NeePanama  
000069611Lygodium radiatum William StimsonPanama  
000069612Lygodium radiatum Sidney McDanielPanama  
000069613Lygodium radiatum Sidney McDanielPanama  
000069607Lycopodium thyoides Clair BrownCosta Rica  
000069633Lycopodium thyoides R. WoodruffCosta Rica  
000069634Lycopodium thyoides Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069608Lycopodium dichotomum John AtwoodNicaragua  
000069616Lycopodium obscurum Eric Bourdo, Jr.United StatesMichigan 
000069627Lycopodium obscurum Eric Bourdo, Jr.United StatesMichigan 
000069628Lycopodium obscurum K. WalterCosta Rica