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TTRS_000006309Orbexilum lupinellum R. NorrisUnited StatesFloridaHamilton
TTRS_000006310Orbexilum lupinellum Robert GodfreyUnited StatesGeorgiaThomas
TTRS_000010509Orbexilum lupinellum William PlattUnited StatesGeorgiaThomas
000069465Thelypteris brachyodus R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069470Thelypteris deflexa R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069473Thelypteris equitans R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069474Thelypteris equitans R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069510Gymnogramma calomelanos C. SmithMexico  
000069511Gymnogramma calomelanos Charles SmithMexico  
000069512Hemitelia chiricana Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069513Hemitelia chiricana Robert GodfreyCosta Rica  
000069514Hemitelia muricata R. WilburDominica  
000069515Hemitelia muricata R. WilburDominica  
000069516Hemitelia muricata R. WilburDominica  
000069517Hemitelia muricata R. WilburDominica  
000069518Hemitelia petiolata Edwin TysonPanama  
000069519Hemitelia petiolata Edwin TysonPanama  
000069520Hemitelia petiolata E. TysonPanama  
000069521Hemitelia petiolata E. TysonPanama  
000069522Hemitelia petiolata E. TysonPanama