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000088472Dalea aurea D. CorrellUnited StatesTexasCooke
000088471Dalea aurea H HambyUnited StatesTexasNueces
000088470Dalea aurea Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasCallahan
000088469Dalea aurea Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasCallahan
000088468Dalea aurea B. SmythUnited StatesKansasWallace
000067581Dalea cliffortiana Edwin TysonPanama  
000067582Dalea cliffortiana Sidney McDanielPanama  
000067583Dalea cliffortiana Edwin TysonPanama  
000067584Dalea jamesii F. Lyle WyndMexico  
000067585Dalea lasiathera Jose SernaMexico  
000088485Dalea lasiathera Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasTaylor
000088484Dalea lasiathera Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasTaylor
000088483Dalea lasiathera Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasTaylor
000067586Dalea nana Higinio IbarraMexico  
000088494Dalea nana Santiago AlvarezUnited StatesTexasStarr
000088493Dalea nana V. CoryUnited StatesTexasMaverick
000088492Dalea nana Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasTaylor
000088491Dalea nana Martha RamosUnited StatesTexasZapata
000088490Dalea nana Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasCallahan
000088489Dalea nana Herminia TorresUnited StatesTexasDimmit