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000066530indet-Lamiaceae K BlumPanama  
000067309Hyptis nigrescens H. IrwinBrazil  
000067310Hyptis nudicaulis H. IrwinBrazil  
000067311Hyptis obtecta E. HeringerBrazil  
000067312Hyptis obtusiflora R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000067313Hyptis obtusiflora William AndersonBrazil  
000067314Hyptis pachyphylla H. IrwinBrazil  
000067506Hyptis subrotunda William AndersonBrazil  
000067507Hyptis subrotunda H. IrwinBrazil  
000067501Hyptis suaveolens Steven MarshallNicaragua  
000067502Hyptis suaveolens R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000067503Hyptis suaveolens E. TysonPanama  
000067504Hyptis suaveolens William AndersonBrazil  
000067505Hyptis suaveolens H. IrwinBrazil  
000067500Hyptis sinuata H. IrwinBrazil  
000067499Hyptis saxatilis H. IrwinBrazil  
000067497Hyptis rugosa H. IrwinBrazil  
000067498Hyptis rugosa H. IrwinBrazil  
000067322Hyptis remota H. IrwinBrazil  
000067321Hyptis recurvata D. SucreBrazil