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000080552Sophora flavescens Hideaki OhbaJapan  
000080553Sophora flavescens Y. TateishiJapan  
000080556Sophora flavescens F. YamazakiJapan  
000080557Sophora nuttalliana N. AtwoodUnited StatesArizonaMohave
000080558Sophora nuttalliana K. ThorneUnited StatesUtahGrand
000080559Sophora nuttalliana Charles WallisUnited StatesTexasRoberts
000080560Sophora nuttalliana Charles WallisUnited States Lipscomb
000080567Sophora nuttalliana D. CorrellUnited StatesTexasFloyd
000080568Sophora nuttalliana Duane IselyUnited StatesNew MexicoCurry
000080569Sophora nuttalliana H. R. ReedUnited StatesTexasJeff Davis
000080570Sophora nuttalliana H. R. ReedUnited StatesTexasReagan
000080571Sophora nuttalliana W. W. EgglestonUnited StatesNew MexicoGrant
000080572Sophora nuttalliana V. CoryUnited StatesTexasReagan
000082736Sophora nuttalliana S WelshUnited StatesUtahIron
000080543Sophora secundiflora Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000080544Sophora secundiflora R.K. GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000080561Sophora secundiflora W. W. EgglestonUnited StatesTexasVal Verde
000080562Sophora secundiflora H. R. ReedUnited StatesTexasVal Verde
000080563Sophora secundiflora Hector NoyolaUnited StatesTexasJim Wells
000080564Sophora secundiflora Delzie DemareeUnited StatesTexasCrockett