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000066407Sambucus mexicana Alush TonMexico  
000066408Sambucus mexicana Alush TonMexico  
000066409Sambucus mexicana Edwin TysonPanama  
000066412Tinantia erecta R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000066413Tinantia erecta Alush TonMexico  
000066414Tinantia erecta Alush TonMexico  
000066415Tinantia erecta Alush TonMexico  
000066416Tinantia erecta Alush TonMexico  
000066417Acacia millefolia D. SeiglerUnited StatesArizona 
000066418Acacia millefolia D. SeiglerUnited StatesArizona 
000066419Acacia millefolia D. SeiglerUnited StatesArizonaMaricopa
000066420Tradescantia commelinoides John BeamanGuatemala  
000066421Tradescantia commelinoides D. BreedloveMexico  
000066422Tradescantia guatemalensis Alush TonMexico  
000066423Tradescantia guatemalensis Alush TonMexico  
000066424Tradescantia guatemalensis D. BreedloveMexico  
000066426Acacia pennatula D. SeiglerMexico  
000066427Acacia pennatula D. SeiglerMexico  
000066428Tripogandra cumanensis  Mexico  
000066429Tripogandra cumanensis Edwin TysonPanama