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000066468Coix lacryma-jobi E. TysonPanama  
000066469Coix lacryma-jobi E. TysonPanama  
000066470Coix lacryma-jobi Robert LazorPanama  
000066471Coix lacryma-jobi Edwin TysonPanama  
000066472Coix lacryma-jobi R. LazorPanama  
000066473Coix lacryma-jobi R. LazorPanama  
000066474Coix lacryma-jobi R. LazorPanama  
000066475Coix lacryma-jobi Rhonda RigginsCosta Rica  
000066476Coix lacryma-jobi R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000066477Coix lacryma-jobi Sidney McDanielPanama  
000066478Cortaderia J. McCorklePanama  
000066479Cryptochloa concinna R.K. GodfreyCosta Rica  
000066480Ctenium concissum J. McCorklePanama  
000066496Diectomis fastigiata William AndersonBrazil  
000066497Diectomis fastigiata Richard PohlCosta Rica  
000066498Diectomis fastigiata Edwin TysonPanama  
000066499Diectomis fastigiata J. McCorklePanama  
000066500Diectomis fastigiata J. McCorklePanama  
000066501Diectomis fastigiata Paul McKenziePuerto Rico  
000066502Diectomis fastigiata Paul McKenziePuerto Rico