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000067164Cassia spectabilis Manuel Rimachi Y.Peru  
000067163Cassia spectabilis Edwin TysonPanama  
000067169Cassia siamea John DwyerPanama  
000067168Cassia siamea Edwin TysonPanama  
000067167Cassia siamea Edwin TysonPanama  
000067166Cassia siamea Robert LazorPanama  
000067204Hyptis interrupta H. IrwinBrazil  
000067203Hyptis interrupta H. IrwinBrazil  
000067170Cassia setosa var. detonsaH. IrwinBrazil  
000067171Cassia scarlatina Manuel Rimachi Y.Peru  
000067174Cassia scabra H. IrwinBrazil  
000067173Cassia scabra H. IrwinBrazil  
000067172Cassia serpens var. serpensH. IrwinBrazil  
000067514Acacia constricta Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasReeves
000067513Acacia constricta Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasBrewster
000067512Acacia constricta Norlan HendersonUnited StatesTexasBrewster
000067511Acacia constricta R. MatthewsUnited StatesArizonaMaricopa
000067510Acacia constricta Robert NorrisUnited StatesTexasHudspeth
000086367Acacia constricta Alfred TraverseUnited StatesTexasBrewster
000067211Eugenia subterminalis Manuel Rimachi Y.Peru