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000082313Smilax smallii John NelsonUnited StatesSouth CarolinaRichland
000082411Smilax smallii Sidney McDanielUnited StatesMississippiPearl River
000093793Smilax smallii Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaCalhoun
TTRS_000010497Smilax smallii  United StatesGeorgiaThomas
000128944Smilax smallii Loran AndersonUnited StatesFloridaGadsden
000072415Smilax spinosa J. DwyerBelize  
000072416Smilax spinosa C. NelsonHonduras  
000072417Smilax spinosa Sidney McDanielPanama  
000072418Smilax spinosa Joao MattosBrazil  
000072419Smilax spinosa J. DwyerPanama  
000072408Smilax subpubescens Edwin TysonPanama  
000072409Smilax subpubescens Edwin TysonPanama  
000072410Smilax subpubescens A. ClewellHonduras  
000072411Smilax subpubescens Alush TonMexico  
000072412Smilax subpubescens D. BreedloveMexico  
000072413Smilax subpubescens D. BreedloveMexico  
000061194Smilax tamnoides R.K. GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaJefferson
000061196Smilax tamnoides R.K. GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaJackson
000061198Smilax tamnoides R.K. GodfreyUnited StatesFloridaLeon
000061206Smilax tamnoides - JacksonUnited StatesFloridaLeon